In April 2020, I was diagnosed with COVID-19. After quarantining myself at home in NY, I was among the lucky few to survive the first wave of this monster virus which has now killed millions around the planet.

To make sense of a confusing world, I always. go back to my roots.

For close to 10 million “Overseas Pakistanis” like myself, Pakistan is a Spiritual homeland.

It is mired in multiple crises (poverty, corruption, war, terrorism, food shortages, climate change & a global Pandemic).

“A pandemic is a gigantic mirror which reveals a lot about our countries, our leaders, our systems, our priorities, and our own selves.”

For over half a century, the leader of Pakistan Imran Khan has been climbing steep mountains. His struggles in life have helped him scale impossible heights. Now his journey has reached a tipping point.

I flew from New York to Islamabad to interview PM Khan.

A leader in the line of fire

Faced with multiple crises

How does he handle extreme pressure?

What can he learn from the past to navigate the present?

How does he see the future?

What are his dreams?

Episode 1 (Journey of Self Discovery) Coming October 5th

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