This new compilation by EMI features top new tracks by the South Asian sensation such as "Pappu Yar", "Taara Jala", etc. as well as the classic hits of "Sayonee", "Saeein", and many others. Also included on the disc is runaway hit "Garaj Baras"
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  Junoon for Peace was recorded live at the Allience Francaise in New York on October 27,2001. The concert is a tribute to the victims of the WTC attack and a call for an end to the subquent discrimination faced by Arabs and South Asians in the United States. It is a call for Peace on all fronts.
  In 1997, Junoon recorded their album AZADI. AZADI was released by EMI/Virgin, and became Junoons debut album in India.
  United for Peace VCD.
  Junoon consciously attempted to break out of the Sufi Rock Mold that was foisted upon them on this 2001 release.
  PARVAAZ is Junoon's Tribute to the late great Baba Bulleh Shah. Many of the songs use the ancient mystical Sufi Poetry of one of the Punjab's greatest Sufis.
  This album was Junoon's gift to its fans on the Tenth Anniversary of the band.
  AZADI began as a sonic experiment for Junoon. Guitarist and Songwriter Salman Ahmad, having gained acclaim for pioneering Guitar Rock in Pakistan, decided to reverse the process.
  This album was Junoon's gift to its fans on the Tenth Anniversary of the band.
  INQUILAAB released in Pakistan 1996, shows Junoon's first foray as on "Saeein" into what the media would later dub SUFI ROCK, the new genre of music authored by Junoon which fused devotional poetry and a trancy Qawwali-esque sensibility with traditional guitar rock.
  Possibly the first Compilation album by a pop group in Pakistan.
  TALAASH released in Pakistan 1993 Recorded at Studio & Sound Studios, Karachi 1992. Produced by Salman Ahmad & Brian O’ Connell.
  JUNOON released in Pakistan 1991 Recorded at EMI Studios, Karachi 1990 Produced by Salman Ahmad”
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