Title: Our Land
Album: Talaash

We talked about love
We talked about hate
We talked about sorrows
and all the things that we dont have
Lets not talk about it about it about it

We talked about your fashion sales
we talked best friends
We talked about sex and money
Weve been talking about fame
Stop talking about it lets talk about our land
So dark so grave
Is it ever gonna be the same
Fathers in the desert
And the mothers been really scared
Brothers been stabbed in the back
And theres no one to blame

Who to be blamed
When its us whos doing it all
Do you think this stuffs gonna take
A Load of so many lifeless bodies around you to surround you

You should stand up for your right
Stop the feeling, never subside
But the black called white
Cuz you're free
Free to be yourself
free to build your world
if youre ever gonna change
Change for the better
Change for your brother one another

Can we talk about how we deal with the so called technological lives This time we've come face to face with the truth When we talk about the stars The stars have been tied On the face of the human race Man killing man for a never ending struggle for power Ultimate power Is it ever gonna stop Am i ever going to breathe love into my fierce lungs Am i ever going to be free

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