Title: If You Want
Album: Talaash

If you want to love somebody
Why not me
When you need to touch somebody
You can touch me

Living isn't always easy
When you hurt so much inside
Lowly hours and the days go by
With the tears falling from your eyes

Its not enough just to realize
The sh** that happened to you
But tell me girl are you always so shy
And does the silence tell the truth

When you need to believe in someone
If you want believe in me

Step outside your lonely world
And take me by the hand
Pretty girl with your silver smile
Let me be your lovely man

You didn't want money and all the fancy cars
And no rivers and the beach
All you wanted was a whole lot of love
And babe thats what you'll get from me

Just stop and look into my eyes
And they will have you hypnotized

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