May 25, 2005 Junoon Crystallized   World Music PK Basit Mirza, Hasan Mahmud and Urooj Jafri
Dec 05, 2004 Rolling Stone   AHLAN MASALA IN Fahimeh Fifi Haroon
Dec 02, 2004 From Karachi With Love - Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh City Paper USA Dan Eldridge
Apr 12,2004 The Ghoom Tana team at Qila Mubarak in PATIALA   The Indian EXPRESS IN Manveen Grewal
Jan 22, 2004 Masala - Junoon The Ambassadors of peaceprepare to rock dubai   Masala DU Masala Team
Jan 03, 2004 Ishaa's Junoon   Mags PK Andleeb Rana
Dec 27, 2003 Yeh Hai Mumbai   Mags PK Andleeb Rana
Dec 15, 2003 Border Exchange   Bombay Times IN Suresh Nair
Dec 15, 2003 Winner All   Bombay Times IN ----
Dec 13, 2003 If you can SMS Antarctica, why not Karachi?   Bombay Times IN Karishma Upadhyay
July 17, 2003 Pakistani rockers who reach out to religion
  LA Times US Mark Sachs
July 15, 2003 Junoon "Rock Stars"
  Journal News, New York US Staff Writer
July 13, 2003 Scaling Walls.
  The News PK Farrukh Moriani
Jun 28, 2003 Daily Times Editorial on Junoon's appearance at Bradford Mela.
  Daily Times PK Sir Cam
Jun 28, 2003 A regal affair organized by the Pakistan High Commission at The Royal Albert Hall turned out to be something that gave Pakistan's image an uplift.
The News International
PK Shahzareah Husain
Jun 28, 2003 Junoon Rocks the West Coast
  PakistanLink US Ras H. Siddiqui
Jun 28, 2003 The Albert Hall experience
  DAWN IMAGES PK Irfan Hussain
Jun 26, 2003 Dewaar Review

US Magazine ,
The News International

PK Zubair Haider
Jun 20, 2003 Brilliant Rythms of the Indus enthrals full house at Albert Hall
  Daily Jang International UK Shaheed Sadullah
May 05, 2003 Junoon, Anaida perform to promote global peace.
  New India Times IN Ras H. Siddiqui
May 01, 2003 Older and somewhat wiser, the sufi-rockers of yesterday are searching for a new identity and greener pastures.
  Herald Magazine PK Amber Rahim Shamsi
Apr 25, 2003 Junoon on Peace Mission
The News International
PK Ras H. Siddiqui
Apr 21, 2003
Peace sells at Pakistan concert
Apr 20, 2003 Pakistani, Indian performers sing for peace between their rival nations
  Associated Press PK Zarar Khan
Apr 20, 2003 Singers unite for South Asian peace
  BBC UK --
Apr 20, 2003 Karachi holds concert for peace
  CNN US --
Apr 19, 2003 Jammin' Karachi
  Youth Magazine,
The News International
PK --
Apr 17, 2003
‘Peace’ concert for a sure quick buck
iDaily Times PK Khurrum Anis
Apr 13, 2003
Rocking the city
DAWN IMAGES PK Qasim Abdallah Moini
Apr 07, 2003
Karachi jams to the sound of rock
Daily Times PK Khurrum Anis
Apr 09, 2003
War triggers music blitz
Raleigh News & Observer US David Menconi
Apr 03, 2003
Junoon to perfrom against Iraq war IN --
Apr 01 , 2003
Junoon and other musicians say Indians should be welcomed   Daily Times PK Khurrum Anis
Mar 17, 2003
Junoon splitting? Not ‘for as long as we live’   Daily Times PK Khurrum Anis
Feb 23, 2003
Lahore has its day   DAWN IMAGES PK --
Feb 17, 2003 Cross-cultural band rocks for peace Pakistan's Junoon turning up volume to promote understanding   San Francisco Chronicle US --
Feb 17, 2003 Junoon rocks for peace in new album   CNN US IANS
Feb 09, 2003 Back on home turf   DAWN IMAGES PK --
Feb 03, 2003 Redemption songs from an impassioned band   The Music Magazine US Sreeram Chaulia
Jan 01, 2003 Junoon on Peace in South Asia IN MOK
Nov 13, 2002 Junoon Rocks New York City PK --
Nov 07, 2002 Junoon's Ahmad discusses roots   Brandeis University's -- --
Oct 25, 2002 Chicago Tribune's interview of Junoon   Chicago Tribune US --
Oct 24, 2002 Pakistani Band Junoon Brings 9/11 Song to America PK --
Sep 27, 2002 Junoon's Musical Plea: No More Terrorism IN --
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